Respect of self, Respect of others, and Respect of Nature

Upcoming Events

The BOSC is a volunteer-based collective of members from Bare Oaks Naturist Family Park who coordinate and support specific social events to promote healthy naturism within the Bare Oaks community. The programs, activities, or events are driven by our member volunteers, approved by Bare Oaks Naturist Family Park; and on occasion may be in conjunction with park staff.

The Bare Oaks Social Committee is an assembly of caring volunteers who provide service and support to Bare Oaks Naturist Family Park members through social events for members and donations towards small park initiatives. These individuals work together to ensure a positive experience may be had
by all, newcomers, day visitors, commuting members, and residents.

Planned gatherings, activities, events, and BOSC activities are shared with all members with as much transparency as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the well-being of all the members and promote naturism in a positive, inclusive, and healthy way throughout our communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote ethical social activities which promote comradery and includes all who wish to participate.

Our Focus

Our focus is to ensure age-appropriate events and social gatherings for all members of the family.

The Bare Oaks Social Committee is a non-registered unincorporated association.